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Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Tiger conservation has gone high-tech. Using remote camera traps, software programs that identify individual tigers captured in photographs, and other cutting-edge tools, WCS researchers are making major strides in protecting these endangered great cats. To help us safeguard their most critical habitats, we’ve joined forces with tech pros who share our commitment, and need your support.

Our mission is urgent: Fewer than 3,200 wild tigers exist in the world today. Of this remnant population, just 1,000 are breeding females, individuals that hold the last hope for this magnificent and iconic great cat. WCS is working to conserve tigers in 8 of the 11 countries where they remain in the wild—China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Russia.

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Meet a Tiger Expert
WCS’s Dr. Ullas Karanth, Senior Scientist and WCS-India Country Director, is at the forefront of efforts to avert the tiger’s extinction. Karanth’s science-based yet pragmatic work across India's key tiger landscapes has demonstrably increased tiger populations and draws an international array of biologists and government officials who are curious to learn from his conservation methods. Sign up for an exclusive event on Tuesday, October 16th to meet Dr. Karanth and other world-renowned experts to hear first-hand about the big cat’s plight.

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