Corporate Sponsorship

The Corporate Sponsorship program helps WCS partners achieve goals and reach their target audiences in consumer, business, and other sectors. A sponsorship with WCS provides corporations with many effective ways to tap into the loyalty and buying power of the 4 million plus consumers who visit our New York parks each year. Our partners have the opportunity to sponsor exhibits/rides, seasonal events, cause-marketing campaigns and more.

Exhibits & Rides

The NY Zoos and Aquarium feature wildly popular animal exhibits and rides. We are constantly working behind the scenes on plans for exciting, new additions to our parks. The sponsorship of a permanent or semi-permanent exhibit or ride is readily available for our partners.

Event Marketing

WCS offers seasonal Event Sponsorship opportunities with the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium. Opportunities are available to partner with existing events and/or exclusive co-created events and activations specially designed for the sponsor.


Cause-related marketing partnerships are available, where a customized promotional strategy links a sponsor sales campaign directly to WCS to drive sales.


For more information on the Corporate Sponsorship Program, please contact Kathryn Thompson at (718) 741-1603 or