Cause Marketing

Strategic Partnership

WCS is your strategic nonprofit charity partner for:

  • Co-branded marketing campaigns that engage consumers and preserve our planet
  • Promotions inspired by nature, science, weather, travel, or outdoor adventure
  • Products featuring animals, oceans, forests, wildlife, or wild places
  • Spectacular content from an authentic and respected source
  • Extraordinary stories of real people making a difference
  • Turn-key activation in the media and advertising capital of the world

WCS Cause-Marketing Platforms

  • WCS campaigns, such as Blue York or 96 Elephants
  • Trademark licensing, sweepstakes, and promotional agreements
  • Commercial co-ventures, with donations by consumers or corporations
  • Endangered and charismatic animal species
  • Marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems
  • Countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania
  • Scholarships or apprenticeships for under-served youth and teens
  • WCS's historical archives, including 120 years of footage dating to 1895

Proud Partners

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LAN Airlines

LAN Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, had the pleasure of partnering with WCS for a consumer-facing, co-branded, online promotion. We were thrilled with the experience. The process of working with WCS was smooth and professional, and the promotion met or exceeded all of our goals. The audience we were able to reach with WCS was responsive and clearly engaged. LATAM Airlines Group is proud to help support the work that WCS is doing across South America. We hope we have the opportunity to partner with WCS again in the near future.

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Horizon Media

Horizon Media is proud to partner with WCS on its 96 Elephants campaign, named for the number of elephants killed every day in Africa. WCS has worked tirelessly to 'Stop the Killing, Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Demand' and the campaign is truly making a difference so our children can witness these majestic animals in their lifetimes. We are strongly committed to WCS and honored to lead the 96 Elephants task force.

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TOMS is proud to support WCS and its programs, including the 96 Elephants campaign. The TOMS Animal Initiative and WCS joined forces to create a limited edition footwear collection that raised awareness about the elephant poaching crisis and the link between ivory consumption and the diminishing number of elephants. Together we can continue to bring attention to the threats elephants face and help ensure these creatures roam this earth for generations to come.

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Bank of America

As a longstanding partner of WCS, Bank of America is proud to support the Bronx Zoo Community Access Program (CAP), helping to strengthen the local community by fostering inspiration through wildlife education. CAP provides under-resourced children and seniors access to the wonders of nature, increasing their curiosity about science and conservation.


For more information about WCS cause marketing, please contact:

Mary Deyns Brandao
Director, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Partnership

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