Corporate Philanthropy

From New York to New Guinea, we all depend on healthy lands and seas for our survival.

The world is changing rapidly. By supporting WCS, you can help to:

  • Protect biodiversity and the integrity of life on earth
  • Impact human livelihoods and wildlife health, preserve natural resources and ecosystem services
  • Promote sustainable development and economic growth

WCS presence yields impact.

In the remote landscapes and seascapes where we work, WCS stands out as uniquely positioned to build meaningful and enduring relationships with governments and civic leaders.

As a trusted colleague and neighbor, WCS participates in regional and international planning, informs public policy, and influences conservation outcomes worldwide.

WCS Strategies


Explore and research the most extraordinary and biologically diverse places on earth


Preserve wildlife and natural resources in ecosystems and communities worldwide


Educate citizens about science and the environment to inspire conservation action

WCS Philanthropy Platforms

  • Clean air, fresh water, and other ecosystem services for a growing global population
  • 5% of the earth's surface, containing 50% of its biodiversity
  • 4 million square miles of land and sea, comprising 2 million acres of protected areas
  • Endangered and iconic animal species, such as gorillas, tigers, sharks, and elephants
  • Initiatives to address climate change, wildlife health, or illegal wildlife trafficking
  • Education at the world's largest urban zoological park system
  • Workplace giving, including EarthShare or matching gifts to our cause

Proud Supporters

6n4x1gtzzv corporate logo mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation

The Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas is proud to support WCS because it effectively links vital conservation research to tangible outcomes that benefit the environment and society. Since our first grant to WCS in 2003, WCS has consistently delivered measurable results in all of the projects we have supported, most recently the Amazon Waters Initiative.

3mu54jrdyl corporate logo coca cola

The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to making a positive, lasting difference. To do this, we embed sustainability into our business and make it a part of everything we do, including supporting organizations that help conserve and protect the planet's natural resources. As proud partners, we commend WCS for its relentless dedication to our planet's wildlife. We support the WCS Arctic Beringia Program, and are thrilled to stand with WCS in the quest to make a veritable impact in the Arctic region.

72pi2kkr04 corporate logo tiffany

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation is proud to be a long-standing supporter of WCS's coral and marine conservation, local management of marine protected areas in communities around the world, as well as its global research efforts, on issues such as climate change adaptation. WCS has the unique ability to both build strong relationships and collaborate with local communities, while simultaneously factoring in global perspectives. This dual approach is critical to addressing the complex issues facing our oceans today.


For more information about WCS corporate philanthropy, please contact:

Amy Harclerode
Head of Global Corporate Engagement

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