Corporate Sustainability

WCS is the scientific authority for conservation action and advisory services.

WCS Expertise

Companies rely on WCS to:

  • Make informed and responsible business decisions
  • Understand their value and impact upon communities, the environment, and the economy
  • Preserve biodiversity and natural resources in the regions where they operate
  • Report sustainable progress, innovation, or risk to investors, customers, and employees
  • Reduce and offset their carbon footprint

Corporate Engagement

Corporations engage with WCS because:

  • WCS scientists are regarded as the global experts in their fields
  • Among conservancies, WCS has the highest number of staff working on-the-ground in remote and developing areas


WCS employs 4000 professionals across 45 field offices worldwide, including over 200 doctors and PhDs. Throughout our 120-year tenure, we have:

  • Discovered new species and ecosystems, and pioneered health initiatives
  • Contributed cutting-edge research to thousands of academic publications
  • Created or managed 150 marine and terrestrial protected areas
  • Collaborated with societies, governments, and other NGOs to save the planet

WCS Sustainability Services

  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Ecosystem Services Valuation
  • Carbon Credits
  • Offset Implementation
  • IFC Compliance
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Environmental Safeguards Lending
  • Conservation Finance


For more information about WCS corporate sustainability, please contact:

Amy Harclerode
Head of Global Corporate Engagement

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