Sustainable Cashmere

These activities were created using the Next Generation Science Standards. Standards allow teachers to align their teaching towards specific learning goals and allow students to be measured on their understanding of specific content and skill objectives. WCS utilizes standards-aligned curricular materials in order to ensure that as many teachers as possible can adapt our resources for their own classrooms.

On each worksheet, we have given a few example standards that could be met by using that activity with your students. This is by no means an exhaustive list and these activities align to many more curriculum standards. We encourage you to explore your national and state standards to find connections that you can use with your students!

Find more information on the NGSS here.

Find more information on Common Core here.

Connecting Conservation to the Classroom

Get an inside look at how our professional development educators build connections between the classroom and WCS field work.

Sustainable Cashmere Project Debate part 1

Local stakeholder participation strengthens our ability to conduct conservation work. Hear our Mongolian team members share some of our important partners.

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Sustainable Cashmere Project Debate part 2

Working with local communities is one of the cornerstones of WCS work around the world. Hear from one of our Mongolian team members about how it's done.

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Conducting an Observational Study

Learn from one of our wild animal keepers about how zoos support conservation.

Curriculum tools for your classroom

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