Habitat Ecology for Educators

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Here is a creative way to integrate math, language arts, and social studies with your science lessons. The Habitat Ecology Learning Program (HELP) is a hands-on program that will help you explore the defining characteristics of habitats as well as how plants, animals, and indigenous people have adapted to survival in these diverse conditions. By integrating lessons from three HELP books, you can encourage students to explore the richness of ecology both in the classroom and in a local park, nature center, or zoo. Role-play the issues involved with water use between two imaginary cities, go on a wildlife safari to relate animal adaptations to their lifestyles, participate in the Change Game to see how predators and prey have co-evolved on the grasslands. HELP is just a course away! Please note: Participants will receive copies of two HELP Curriculum Guides.

Registration details can be found here

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