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Take your students on a trip to the Zoo without setting foot outside your own classroom! Using two-way videoconferencing technology, the Bronx Zoo can bring engaging programs for K-6 students right into your own classroom—live! All Distance Learning Expeditions include several live animal "guests"—lemurs, lizards, owls and more. Programs are approximately 50 minutes and include extensive teacher support materials. These time-tested, teacher-endorsed programs are aligned with the National Science Education Standards and have received rave reviews from students and teachers alike.  Please inquire about 7-12 grade programming and teacher demos.

An extensive teacher guide accompanies every program including:

  • tips on preparing for a videoconference
  • content background
  • National Science Education Standards correlation
  • lesson plans for pre-conference activities
  • lesson plans for post-conference activities
  •  reproducible student materials

Technical Requirements

Bronx Zoo Distance Learning Expeditions are broadcast at a minimum speed of 384 Kbps using a Tandberg Codec 6000 videoconference unit via H.323 standard over Internet Protocol (IP). To receive an IP videoconference, you must have a broadband connection.  For schools without  videoconferencing units, Bronx Zoo Distance Learning Expeditions are broadcast via the computer-based, web platform, SAFARI Montage Live!  Minimum hardware for schools using SAFARI Montage Live! include a computer, web camera, and headphones.  Check with your district or building technology coordinator to see if your school is compatible. 


Each program is priced at $180 per single class with a maximum of 35 students.


Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST. Due to the popularity of these programs, please reserve three weeks in advance. Please complete the Distance Learning request form.


For more information contact:
P: (718) 220-5132
E: distancelearning@wcs.org

2013-2014 Distance Learning Expeditions

Animal Colors

Grades K-3, Approx 45 minutes

This appealing program capitalizes on children's natural curiosity by engaging them in observation and deduction. Using visuals, games, and live animals, students will explore the role that color plays in animal survival. Students will learn that an animal's color may help it to attract a mate, to warn off other animals, and to hide from other animals.

Food Webs

Grades 4-6, Approx. 50 minutes

Each individual species is concerned with obtaining energy - energy to keep going, energy to grow, energy to reproduce, energy for survival. Starting with analyzing their own breakfast, students examine the flow of energy in living systems as represented in food chains and webs. Students discover the role of producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, as they build an actual food web.

Moves & Meals

Grades K-3, Approx 50 minutes

There seems to be no end to the ways in which animals move. Some slither, swim, hop, fly, run, crawl, and swing. In this lesson students explore the many different ways animals move about in order to find their food and to avoid becoming someone else's food!

Size & Shape

Grades K-3, Approx 50 minutes

Why do giraffes have such long necks? Students consider this and other questions about how an animal's size and shape are related to its way of life. By observing a variety of animals, students discover some fundamental concepts about how size and shape help an animal survive. Students also draw conclusions about where an animal lives and what it eats.

Videoconference Demonstration

Teachers & Administrators, 15 minutes, Free of Charge

Is your school new to videoconferencing? Connect with the Bronx Zoo to explore its Distance Learning Program. Teachers and administrators will observe a live animal and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding lessons and registration policies and procedures.

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