Close Encounter at Admiralty Sound

Close Encounter at Admiralty Sound Photo
During an expedition to the remote lands and seascape at the tip of South America, a WCS research team tagged this elephant seal, along with one other, in order to learn more about their movements through the waters of the Southwestern Atlantic.

As conservationists Alejandro Vila, Marcela Uhart and Daniela Droguett wrote in a National Geographic blog, “We successfully deployed satellite transmitters on two handsome subadult elephant seal males, one of which we’ve named after our inspiring leader and soon to retire CEO, Dr. Steven Sanderson. We expect that over the next year, elephant seal “Steve” will take us to yet unexplored locations in the southern Chilean fjords, navigating intricate marine labyrinths, highlighting areas critical for the conservation of his species.”

© Keri-Lee Pashuk

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