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Wildlife Videos and Multimedia

Wildlife Videos

Arctic Oil: A Boon for Nest Predators

Dr. Steve Zack studies the impacts of energy development on the birds of Arctic Alaska.

  • Black Market Tigers
  • Blood Ivory
  • Slideshows

    Andavadoaka, Madagascar

    In the Andavadoaka region of Madagascar’s southwest coast, the Vezo people have subsisted on the bounty of the Toliar Barrier Reef for centuries. But the lobsters, finfish, octopus, and coastal dolphins they depend on are growing scarce. WCS conservationists are working to establish marine fishery reserves to ensure this fragile seascape and the traditional livelihoods it supports remain intact.

  • A Trip to the Southern Tip of the World
  • Life on the Savannah
  • Photos

    Whale Shark

    Marine conservationist Rachel Graham attaches a radio transponder to a whale shark in the waters of Nosy Be, Madagascar. Graham is studying the migratory routes of this species—the world’s largest fish.

  • Night Falls over the Adirondacks
  • Affirmation of the Serengeti
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