Bhutan Tiger Summit

April 22–23

The Sustainable Finance for Tiger Landscapes Conference was held in Bhutan under the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen, Jetsun Pema Wangchuck. The two-day summit brought tiger range countries together with visionary private and public sector donors, international development agencies, and tiger conservation NGOs, including WCS, to discuss new and innovative funding streams for landscape scale tiger conservation.

Press Release

Bhutan and the Tiger Conservation Coalition Commit to Catalysing US$1 Billion for Tigers

“While we should celebrate the total increase in wild tigers,,” said WCS’s Joe Walston, Executive Vice President of WCS Global, “we have also failed to prevent their extinction in many places. Success must now be measured not just in total number but also in no more losses.”

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This Earth Day Signals a New Hope for Tiger Recovery

“A forest with tigers is a sign of a healthy planet,” writes WCS's John Calvelli for PBS Nature, “with benefits for not just wildlife, but the people who rely on those forests for natural resources, clean air, clean water, as well as the sequestering of carbon and mitigating the impacts of climate change.”

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WCS Wild Audio

Why are the world's foremost tiger conservationists gathering in Bhutan?

For an episode of the WCS podcast, we turned to several representatives of the global Tiger Conservation Coalition to understand the stakes and the opportunity in Bhutan.


With Luke Hunter, Executive Director of the WCS Big Cats Program

With Dale Miquelle, Associate Director of the WCS Tiger Program

WCS Priority Species

WCS has developed a set of powerful strategies that has demonstrably increased tiger populations in the face of immense threats.

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Press Briefing

April 10, 2024

Vision Document

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