World Oceans Day

The ocean takes up more than 70 percent of the planet and houses spectacular biodiversity, the depths of which we're still striving to understand. It provides us food, jobs, energy, inspiration. Join us in recognizing the sea and consider the many challenges it's facing today, from climate change to overfishing.

The Launch of MERMAID

New tool will help us understand the impact of climate change on coral reefs

From left to right: WCS's Stacy Jupiter, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Emily Darling

World Oceans Day 2019 marks the official release of MERMAID Beta, the first free, online-offline platform to collect, analyze, and share field-based coral reef surveys, technology that will help scientists monitor a growing crisis in one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

Developed by WCS, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Sparkgeo, MERMAID (Marine Ecological Research Management AID) is designed to standardize the collection and management of underwater survey methods for coral reef fish and benthic communities, and coral bleaching. The platform is open-source, with all repositories available on GitHub.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS Bangladesh

More News

The Decline of Ancient Predators, Sharks and Rays

The recent IPBES report paints a stark warning of the status of the world’s cartilaginous fishes — 31% of sharks and rays are now threatened with extinction. Coming up, though, we have opportunities to address this challenge, writes WCS's Luke Warwick.

Healthy Reefs, Healthy People

WCS's Jonathan Booth on Mongabay
Community-based conservation in one of the most spectacular and culturally diverse places on Earth.

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The Unseen Threat

WCS's Martin von Mirbach in The Revelator
Increasing levels of underwater noise threaten Arctic whales, seals, fish and other species.

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MERMAID to the Rescue

WCS's Emily Darling on Medium
In the midst of a coral bleaching crisis, the platform will speed up evidence-based decision making.

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Gender and Social Inclusion

WCS's Sangeeta Mangubhai writes for WCS Fiji
Women make up a large percentage of those involved in formal and informal fisheries sector.

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Land-Sea Management in Fiji

WCS's Yashika Nand for WCS Fiji
The challenge of how to continue supplying seafood sustainably.

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Conservation in Mozambique

WCS's Hugo Costa & Michael Markovina on Medium
The region remains a global hotspot of marine biodiversity despite its challenges.

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Securing Areas in the WIO

WCS's Jason Patlis and Michelle Cordray on Medium
A new partnership will build on political will and community support.

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Stopping Blast Fishing

WCS on Instagram
As part of Vibrant Oceans, working to end the practice on an important reef in Indonesia.

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At the New York Aquarium's March for the Ocean

WOD Wishes from Around the World

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