Stand for Wildlife

Wildlife is worth fighting for. Our community is growing strong and it will take all of us to protect the species and places we love.

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Gorillas in Crisis

They are among our closest nonhuman relatives and—thanks to poaching, disease, and habitat loss—they need our help.

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Save Sharks

Speak out for important new legislation. The law would be good for sharks, rays, and skates and would level the playing field for U.S. commercial fishermen.

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Protect the Endangered Species Act

Tell the Administration: weakening the Endangered Species Act is totally unacceptable.

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NO to Cuts That Harm Wildlife

Tell Congress: preserve programs that fight wildlife trafficking and protect endangered species.

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Big Great Ape News

A WCS-led effort has found more gorillas and chimpanzees in Western Equatorial Africa than expected. Unfortunately, many of them are outside protected areas.

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Give a Sip

Single-use plastic straws are a big problem for New York's turtles, whales, birds, and fish. Let's do something about them.

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Speak for Elephants

Tell your representative: support the WILD Act today. The programs it supports are crucial to conservation.

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Making An Impact

Our incredible community of wildlife champions stops at nothing to save wildlife. Take a look at some of our key victories and important milestones from our campaigns.

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Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species.