WCS presents Field Sight is the newest project from our professional development team. Pairing the insight of our educators with the expertise of WCS field staff we are excited to bring you the stories of the conservation work we are doing all over the world. Hear what it’s like to work on the ground protecting wildlife straight from the source, and bring this valuable information into your classroom with curated curriculum tools.

Grauer's Gorilla

Learn about the work WCS is doing to protect the critically endangered Grauer's Gorilla. Hear directly from WCS staff and use tools created by our educators to bring this valuable information into the classroom.

Sustainable Cashmere

WCS has been working with our team and partners in Mongolia to make cashmere production more sustainable. This project is striving to not only protect the ecosystem, but benefit local communities. Hear from our experts and let us bring this amazing effort into your classroom

Shark Advocacy

The New York Seascape program has been working hard to protect local waters. Learn from our experts how conservation science supports our efforts to advocate for sharks and other marine life. Plus, we show you ways to engage your students with civic advocacy.

WCS presents Field Sight is made possible through generous funding provided by the Laura J. Niles Foundation.

Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species.