Save a Species

This blended learning course is designed to provide secondary science teachers with the content and pedagogical framework in order to implement a student-centered unit on human impact on the environment including climate change, ecology, or conservation biology. Participants will engage in a course-long project in which they create an evidence-based conservation plan for a chosen species. Through interactive experiences with experts at the Central Park Zoo and virtual webinars, participants will build a deep understanding of ecosystems, human-caused threats to key organisms, and how wildlife biologists address mounting concerns around biodiversity loss. Special emphasis will be placed on how climate change may exacerbate conservation challenges across the globe.

As participants develop core content knowledge in each session, they will walk away with innovative instructional strategies that engage students in authentic ways and build scientific communication skills. For example, through completing the course-wide project, teachers will have the opportunity to experience individualized structured learning that incorporates choice, multiple modalities, peer review, rubric-based evaluation, and emphasizes an evidence-based decision process. During on-site sessions, participants will practice group learning routines (structured discussion protocols) that model purposeful student grouping, allow opportunities to elicit prior knowledge, and provide multiple entry points for collaboration and learning. Additionally, participants will be provided with current scientific journal articles and non-print texts such as graphs and tables in order to research their conservation plan. Targeted literacy strategies will be used in both synchronous and asynchronous sessions, in order to model content-specific literacy strategies that participants can use in their own classrooms.

Location: Central Park Zoo

Date & Time: Hybrid onsite/online.

Onsite Days: Oct. 22, Nov. 19, and Dec. 10 from 8:30am–3:30pm
Online Dates: Oct. 22–Dec. 17

Price: $250/participant

Course Registration Closed

For more information about On-Site Professional Development, please contact: or (718) 220-5136

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