Conservation in the Land of Big Sky

Mongolia is called the Land of Big Sky and it’s easy to see why. With its sprawling, lightly-populated landscape filled with rich and diverse ecosystems, Mongolia is a beautiful and expansive country. Join us to learn about WCS Mongolia’s conservation efforts. Participants will learn about priority species that we actively work to conserve, such as the Pallas Cat and Przewalski’s Horse. By engaging in authentic behavioral observations, participants will learn how WCS researchers learn about the behavior of these species. Participants will also engage in a student-friendly project highlighting WCS’s conservation work around cashmere goat farming. This project will draw from both science and social studies and will allow participants to deeply understand the connections between ecology, commerce, and citizen science.

This course is intended for middle school and high school teachers and will draw connections between NGSS, Common Core ELA, and NYS Science and Social Studies standards. By participating in this course, teachers will engage in two activities that can be easily transferred to their classroom and will receive digital resources to support their classroom instruction.

Location: Prospect Park Zoo

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 7 from 8:30am-3:30pm

Price: $50/participant (lunch included)


For more information about On-Site Professional Development, please contact: or (718) 220-5136

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