Protecting the World's Great Bird Nursery

June 15, 2012

Alaska’s wetlands are home to more than migratory birds: Arctic fox, polar bear, and caribou also dwell in the country’s largest tract of public land.

Millions of birds are flocking to Alaska – the Arctic’s greatest nursery. These annual migrations have occurred for millennia. However, only since the 1970s have birds and other Arctic animals inhabiting the vast wetlands surrounding Alaska’s Teshekpuk Lake enjoyed government-mandated protection from energy activities.

The future of this wildlife haven now hangs in the balance, with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management considering how to utilize the area for development. Only one of four alternatives balances energy development with wildlife conservation. In his blog for National Geographic, Steve Zack, WCS Coordinator of Bird Conservation, urges support for this balanced alternative.

To read more about wildlife concerns in Alaska before the public comment period closes on June 15, visit National Geographic NewsWatch.
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