Domestic Cats and Billions of Birds

February 16, 2013

Writing about feral and domestic cats, WCS Bird Coordinator Steve Zack reiterates the significant toll these felines have on wild birds throughout the country. A new study by Smithsonian and Fish and Wildlife researchers reveals that cats kill billions of birds and other small mammals every year.

The old adage about taking the cat out of the wild, but not the wild out of the cat now has a number associated with it. That number is 2.4 billion.

That staggering number is the median estimate of birds in the United States killed each year by domestic cats. Fluffy, Ginger, Tabitha, etc. Many thousands of millions of birds because we put feral cats in our woodlands (the majority of the kills) and allow our house cats out of the house. These numbers are revealed in a new study by Smithsonian and Fish and Wildlife Researchers, which in turn is built upon more than a score of close studies.

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