WCS / Fordham University - Master of Science Degree Details

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

These dynamic degree programs are committed to the development of educated professional in the field of Biology/Conservation Life Science, meeting the growing demand for science educators in New York state and across the United States. Some courses are offered in classrooms with views of some of the greatest zoo exhibits in the world, while other courses will be held in the smart classrooms of Fordham University. Students will be able to learn more about evolution by comparing the adaptations of tigers and snow leopards from only a few feet away. They will practice data collection and analysis through the observation of interactions between a gorilla mother and her baby, and they will learn how technology can be used to deliver quality instruction to students in elementary, middle and high schools. With the partnership of the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Graduate School of Education, these programs provide the content, tools and venues to bring science inquiry alive.

Master of Science in Teaching Adolescence Biology/Conservation Life Science (Grades 7-12) Program Sequence

Master of Science in Education, Curriculum and Teaching Program Sequence

Jerome Burgess II, Class of 2011:

“It’s very rare to find education of this quality, with this fun factor, too, that gives you a chance to have an impact on the world.”