Credit, Registration, and Payment

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Registration Details & Cost:

If you would like to enroll in an online course, follow these steps:

Are you a WCS member? Email with a picture or scan of your member ID with the number and expiration date visible to receive a discount code worth 20% off your courses!

All registration procedures and fees must be completed prior to the first day of the course by completing 2 steps:

Step 1: Visit our course catalogue to begin the WCS registration process. On that page you will see a list of featured courses. Click on the “more info” link of the featured course that you are interested in taking. Reserve a spot in the course by entering the number “1” in the order box; then click “Order”. Your shopping cart will verify the number of seats you have reserved, and the total cost ($125 per seat) for the WCS registration fee. If you are interested in signing up for more than one of the featured courses, select “Continue Shopping”. You will be redirected back to the informational page for the course you have just selected. Select “Browse Catalog” which is directly above the title of course or in the tan box on the right hand side of the page, for the list of other featured courses. Repeat the previous steps to reserve a seat in another course.

Once you have ordered your seat(s) and are satisfied with your shopping cart, select “Go to Payments”. You will be prompted to enter in your contact information. When all the information is entered, click “Continue”. The next page will be an overview of your shipping address. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page to carry on to the next page. Here you will enter your credit card information to complete the secured payment process. Once you have successfully paid for the course, you will be sent three emails. The first will be a customer receipt/purchase confirmation email from WCS. The second will be an invoice receipt from The last email will provide you with login information to WCS’s Online Teacher Academy. Regardless of whether you are taking an online or an onsite course, you will be given an automatic username and password to access the Online Teacher Academy.

Please click on the link to access the Online Teacher Academy and enter your login information. Once you have logged in, you will find useful information pertaining to the course you have just signed up for. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “My Courses” section. There you can click on the title of the course and be directed to a resource page for the specific course you have enlisted in. There you will be able to find useful information such as a welcome letter from the course instructor, a map of how to access your specific zoo classroom, links of interest, and other relevant information to prepare you for the upcoming course.

**Optional Step 2: Visit Adams State University's website to complete registration and payment of $165 for graduate credit. This course is offered for 3 graduate credits.

A $165 tuition fee to Adams State University and a $125 registration fee to WCS Education Department are required and will include curriculum and materials. Once both payments have been made during registration, the participant is enrolled.

Cancellation Policy:

Individuals who wish to cancel their registration must notify the Education Department in writing. You may receive a full (100%) refund if you notify the Education Department 2 weeks or more before the course start date. However, any cancellations within 2 weeks or less of the course start date will receive no (0%) refund.


Call 718-220-5136 or email for more information.

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