Advance Praise for State of the Wild 2010

"In times of war, it is easy to forget about the indispensable role natural resources play in supporting human livelihoods. Among other topics, this book reminds us of the toll war takes on wildlife and the challenges of conservation in conflict zones."

–David Jensen, UN Environment Programme, co-author of From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of Natural Resources and the Environment

Featured Essays

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Foreword: Conservation and the Global Economic Recession

Ward Woods, Chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Society, shares his thoughts on how conservation organizations can strategically work tough economic times.

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Introduction: Future States of the Wild

Kent H. Redford, WCS Vice President for Conservation Strategy, asks how humanity's relationship to nature has changed.

©Alex Dehgan

Conservation and Governance: Lessons from the Reconstruction Effort in Afghanistan

Peter Zahler, WCS-Asia, explains how international conservation organizations work with post-conflict, rural communities to build natural resource management capacity.

©W. Conway/WCS

Inspiring Ocean Conservation

Claudio Campagna, WCS-Argentina, depicts the complex web of life in the seas and skies of the South Atlantic that we are only beginning to understand.

©Simon Hedges

What Future for Forest Elephants?

Stephen Blake, Max Planck Institute of Ornithology, and Simon Hedges, WCS Asian Elephant Coordinator, outline the challenges of monitoring forest elephants in Asia and Africa, an issue made urgent by increasing habitat loss and poaching

©Working Dogs for Conservation

Canine Detection Teams and Conservation

Megan Parker, WCS-North America, and Aimee Hurt, Working Dogs for Conservation, illustrate how remarkable "sniffer dogs" help biologists find evidence of wild species in the field.


People across the globe are doing exemplary work in the field to save wildlife and wild places, but many of their stories go untold. These true conservation heroes are working against great odds to preserve the natural world for future generations.

Eco-guards of Chad

Though 17 state employees working with the Zakouma National Park Protection Unit have been killed by poachers since 1990, the unit's commitment to save the park's elephants remains strong.

Mark Higley

The wildlife biologist for northern California's Hoopa Valley Tribe, Higley has developed community-based management approaches to conserving his reservation's old-growth forests, carnivore populations, and other natural resources.

Yuri Melini

Founder of an environmental nonprofit in Guatemala, Melini works tirelessly to protect the country's Maya Biosphere Reserve–the largest protected area in Mesoamerica–from being overtaken by private interests such as resource extraction.

Habiba Sarabi

The first female governor of an Afghan province, Sarabi helped to establish Band-e-Amir National Park and works to ensure that the development of ecotourism goes hand in hand with the conservation of the landscape.