Wolverines Need Refrigeration Zone to Reproduce

July 11, 2012

Wolverines have always flocked to frozen terrain. In a new study, WCS biologists further explore the significance of cold temperatures and snow for these mountain-dwelling animals. 

A new study on wolverine behavior shines light on why these weasels depend upon icy mountaintops: food refrigeration.

When it’s plentiful, wolverines harvest and store meat, burying it into snow packs and cold mountain crevices- the human equivalent of stocking the freezer. By refrigerating their food, these foragers guard against bacteria and would-be scavengers. They also guarantee a supply of nutrition through lean times and when females need it most: during cub-rearing. 

To learn more about wolverines’ meal-time habits and the impacts they face from climate change, read the recent article in USA Today.
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