Small Primates

Small primates include monkeys and “prosimians,” meaning “pre-apes.” More monkey species and subspecies—at least 200—live in the New World (South and Central America) than anywhere else. The New World monkeys include such colorful species as cottontop tamarins, white-faced sakis, and silvery marmosets. Lemurs are a form of tree-dwelling prosimian that live only on the African island nation of Madagascar.

Many of the species in this category have come under threat as their forest habitats are destroyed to make room for agriculture and human settlements. In fact, one in four New World monkeys are endangered or close to extinction. WCS works to curb deforestation in the world’s last wildernesses to ensure a future for these animals.

kipunji monkey


 WCS scientists discovered this large, forest-dwelling primate in southern Tanzania in 2003.

madidi monkey

Madidi Titi Monkey

The Madidi, or golden palace, is the newest of 30 species of titi monkeys, which are found only in South America.

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