Wildlife Conservation Society Statement on the WCS New York Aquarium

Oct. 31, 2012

CONTACT: MARY DIXON, 347-840-1242, mdixon@wcs.org

A statement issued by Jim Breheny, Executive Vice President of WCS Zoos and Aquarium and Director of the Bronx Zoo:

The Wildlife Conservation Society's New York Aquarium is conducting a 24/7- effort to stabilize conditions and restore utilities and operating systems after experiencing serious flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. Staff have established temporary life support for the aquatic systems, are pumping flood waters out of basements and mechanical areas, and are working to restore filtration and other life support essentials for the exhibit and holding tanks. We have a short window of time to get these systems re-established. If this cannot be accomplished in this critical period, we will temporarily relocate the collection to other AZA aquariums in the region. The aquarium, located along the ocean in Coney Island, was struck by a surge of flood waters as the seas broke over the boardwalk. During the storm, 18 staff members remained at the aquarium to care for the animals and secure the facility. We thank all of New York City and the zoos and aquariums across the nation who have offered help and support. The aquarium will be closed indefinitely.

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