WCS & Partners Now Prize Finalists For Concept to Sustainably Replace Boards On Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative works to link NYC residents and local communities in Guatemala to replace aging promenade

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NEW YORK (January 29, 2014)—
The Wildlife Conservation Society and other groups are finalists for the Yale ISTF Forest Finance Innovation Prize for the consortium’s proposed concept to replace the aging promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge with sustainably harvested wood from Guatemala.

The winner of the $5,000 prize—being awarded for the first time by the International Society of Tropical Foresters and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies—will be announced on February 1st at the 20th Annual Yale ISTF conference at the Yale School of Forestry. The Innovation Prize was created to recognize outstanding ideas and concepts in financing of tropical forest conservation.

WCS, the Municipal Art Society, The Natural Areas Conservancy, and Pilot Projects are partners in the Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative that proposes to link the residents of New York City with the local people of the Uaxactún community forest in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve. The 6-million acre landscape contains jaguars, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, and a potentially sustainable source of wood for the Brooklyn Bridge promenade, a walkway which permits pedestrians to cross the 130-year-old structure.

If supported by New York City officials, the project will secure contributions from New Yorkers and city visitors for each of the bridge’s 11,000 new planks, to be harvested from Guatemala according to FSC certification standards. The financial endowment raised through plank sponsorship would in turn provide Uaxactún community members with the resources needed to protect forest resources through both research and efforts to prevent illegal hunting and logging. Proceeds would also benefit New York City, specifically supporting increased environmental education efforts and restoration efforts within the 5,000 acres of natural areas located within the city’s five boroughs. These areas include vital wetland and coastal areas that provide protection for local communities against hurricane storm surges.

“We’re thrilled to be finalists for the Forest Finance Innovation Prize,” said Scott Francisco, Founder and Director of Pilot Projects, which originated the Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative six years ago. “With the Brooklyn Bridge Forest, we’ve found a way to use New York City’s buying power for the greater good. With every plank of hardwood that goes down on the bridge’s promenade, the Uaxactún community can further protect the forest that is so important to them culturally and economically, and to our biosphere.

“With the Brooklyn Bridge Forest initiative, everybody wins,” said John Calvelli, WCS’s Executive Vice President for Public Affairs. “New York City gets its iconic boardwalk sustainably replaced for free; forests in Guatemala are protected; and local communities in New York City receive improved green spaces for recreation and protection from future storms. This kind of global partnership makes sense for everyone.”

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