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Dr. Liz Bennett

Vice President for Species Conservation

Dr. Bennett began her conservation career in peninsular Malaysia, where she spent 18 years studying proboscis monkeys and the effects hunting and logging have on wildlife. She worked to craft and implement new wildlife policies in Malaysia before becoming Director of the Hunting and Wildlife Trade Program at WCS. She now serves as the Vice President for Species Conservation, a role that involves overseeing WCS’s species conservation programs across the institution. Bennett has published work in more than 120 scientific and popular publications.

moose man berger

Dr. Joel Berger

Senior Conservation Scientist

Dr. Berger directs a number of projects for WCS, including the conservation of muskoxen in the Alaskan Arctic, saiga antelope in Mongolia, and America's first migration corridor—Path of the Pronghorn—in Greater Yellowstone, among others. He has written four books on wild horses, rhinos, bison, and fear in prey species. Joel is also the John J. Craighead Chair in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana.

Jim Breheny

Jim Breheny

Executive Vice President & General Director, Zoos and Aquarium; Jonathan Little Cohen Director, Bronx Zoo

Mr. Breheny manages the day-to-day operation of one of the world’s largest urban zoos. He is an accomplished zoologist with a deep understanding of animals and extensive experience in their care. Jim has participated in the planning and building of many of the Bronx Zoo’s breakthrough exhibits, including Madagascar! at the historic Lion House.

Paul Calle

Dr. Paul Calle

Chief Veterinarian and Director of Zoological Health

Dr. Calle oversees the Clinical and Pathology Departments for WCS’s Zoos and Aquarium and chairs the WCS Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). He is the president of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians and has participated in WCS field conservation projects at home and abroad, conducting wildlife health monitoring efforts in South America, the Caribbean, and Asia.


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