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Pledge to Protect Our Oceans

Our oceans are in trouble. Overfishing, pollution, climate change — it's all threatening life under the sea.

Luckily, we can change course before it's too late — but we have to take matters into our own hands. Small actions to protect our oceans can have a giant global impact. It all starts with you.

Choose which simple, everyday tasks you will pledge to do to protect our oceans.

I promise to use reusable bags at the grocery store
I promise to use a reusable water bottle
I promise to take shorter showers
I promise to only eat sustainably caught or responsibly farmed seafood
I will not throw trash into our ocean or waterways
I promise to not use toxic pesticides on my garden or lawn
I will volunteer at least one day a year to help clean our waterways or beaches

You're a sea savior!

Thanks for doing your part to protect our oceans. Are you up for one more thing? During the "Our Ocean" conference in Washington D.C. on June 16th, we're taking part in a coordinated social media campaign to raise global awareness about our threatened oceans on social media.

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