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Turning Tides

June 11, 2015

Two thirds of our planet is water. But only one percent of the ocean is truly protected. We must act, says our recent film, which was shown at the annual #WCSGala.

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Offsetting Biodiversity: Greening or Greenwashing?

National Geographic

July 24, 2015

Biodiversity offsets could be an important tool for conservationists. However Martine Maron and WCS's James Watson believe, "if promises [to protect biodiversity] have been made, then using offsets to keep them is admitting we planned to break them."

Closing Roads to Save Tigers

July 23, 2015

A logging company, working with local authorities and WCS, has agreed to begin dismantling abandoned logging roads currently being used by poachers to reach Amur (Siberian) tigers, like this one, in the Russian Far East.

Orangutan Trader Sentenced in Indonesia

July 17, 2015

This photograph, of a one-year-old female orangutan tucked in a knapsack, got lots of attention earlier this year. Now, the trader who put her there has been sentenced in Indonesia.

Ivory Crush in Times Square Makes Powerful Statement

June 19, 2015

At the U.S. Ivory Crush in Times Square, WCS Executive Vice President John Calvelli places a piece of confiscated ivory on the conveyor belt to be crushed.

Hope for This Endangered Turtle

June 9, 2015

This is one of four Yangtze giant softshell turtles left in the world, and possibly the only female. Scientists recently artificially inseminated it as part of an effort to save the species.

China Moves to Close Ivory Market

June 1, 2015

African elephants may have just received a huge, much-needed boost from Asia. The Chinese government has announced plans to cease the processing and domestic sale of ivory.

Madagascar Inaugurates Natural Park

June 1, 2015

The Government of Madagascar has officially inaugurated Makira Natural Park, home to 20 species of lemur (like this indri) and over 50 percent of Madagascar’s plant biodiversity.

Empire State Building Going Green for WCS

May 28, 2015

On Thursday night, the iconic lights of New York's Empire State Building will go green to commemorate our organization's 120th anniversary.

Mozambique Releases Elephant Numbers

May 26, 2015

A recent survey showed a dramatic drop in elephant populations, the Mozambique government said today. At the hands of criminal gangs, the total number of animals is estimated to have fallen 48 percent, from just over 20,000 to around 10,300.

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