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Restoring the River

November 6, 2014

From urban blight to beautiful oasis, the Bronx River has experienced a remarkable transformation. Today, it’s a bubbling ecosystem for wildlife and “an eight-mile backyard” for the local community.

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Camera Trap Images Help ID Problem Tigers

November 19, 2014

In India, WCS researchers and other partners are using high-tech solutions to zero in on individual tigers in conflict and relocate them out of harm’s way for the benefit of both the tigers and the people.

Fulfilling the Broken Promise of Nature Reserves


November 19, 2014

Since 2003 tens and thousands of protected areas have been established worldwide to protect endangered animals, like these jaguars. Unfortunately, as James Watson, Director of WCS Global Climate Change Program, explains, 80% of current protected areas are not being managed properly.

Karukinka Celebrates 10 Years

November 17, 2014

Among its many treasures, Karukinka has Admiralty Sound—home to the world’s only known colony of in-shore nesting black-browed albatross.

Saving the World, One Park at a Time

November 14, 2014

Dr. Cristián Samper, WCS President and CEO, explains that "When parks are sufficiently funded and staffed, the results can provide conservationists with important models for how to protect natural resources."

Fundamental Change Needed to Save Biodiversity

November 5, 2014

When they're well managed, protected areas, like Yellowstone National Park, are valuable tools for conservation, says Dr. James Watson, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Climate Change Program. But, in a new paper in Nature, Watson and some colleagues argue that's not the case with many reserves around the world.

Has Demand for Rhino Horn Truly Dropped in Vietnam?

National Geographic

November 3, 2014

Northern white rhinos, Kenya, 2014. Only a handful of this white rhino subspecies are believed to remain.

Fanged Deer Spotted in Afghanistan After 65 Years

November 3, 2014

This is a Siberian musk deer, one the seven similar species found in Asia. The fanged Kashmir musk deer recently reported in Afghanistan for the first time since 1948 could not be photographed.

World Food Day Honors Family, Small Farming

October 16, 2014

Ramon, or breadnut, is among the crops harvested by local communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. The nutrient-rich seed was once a staple of the Mayas, whose civilization was centered here.

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