Women Park Rangers Now Patrolling Afghanistan National Park

November 7, 2013

Four women recently joined the staff of Afghanistan’s Band-e-Amir National Park. They are the country’s first female park rangers.

In a groundbreaking decision, four women park rangers were recently hired at Afghanistan’s Band-e-Amir National Park. Park managers, representatives from the 14 villages in the park, as well as provincial and district governments unanimously endorsed the concept in 2012, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock took pioneering action to make it a reality.

The park is particularly popular among women from all over Afghanistan, who visit the park’s six deep-blue, crystal clear lakes for recreation and to enjoy the water’s reputed therapeutic properties. Only an estimated 16 percent of Afghan women are employed in the formal economy, making this decision even more of a milestone.

Hired in July 2013, the women rangers received the same training as their male counterparts in preparation for their responsibilities. The four dedicated women will actively help protect the park’s wildlife, which include a number of rare and endangered species. Established in 2009 with the help of WCS, Band-e-Amir is Afghanistan’s only national park and one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

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