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March 5, 2013

Two million hectares of tropical forests will be protected thanks to Size of Wales, an environmental charity based in its namesake country. WCS-Europe worked with Size of Wales on its project in the Republic of Congo’s Conkouati National Park.

In response to climate change, Welsh environmentalists founded Size of Wales to help preserve the world’s tropical forests. From the outset, the non-profit outlined a clear and creative goal: protect as many hectares of land as exist in Wales. The group hoped to raise 2 million pounds to safeguard 2 million hectares, and it’s now delighted to report having reached its ambitious financial target.

As part of this effort, WCS-Europe partnered with Size of Wales to conserve Conkouati National Park in the Republic of Congo. The Congolese park shelters roughly 1,000 elephants, 8,000 great apes, countless other rare species, and comprises a marine reserve. This park’s 285,000 hectares of rainforest serve another vital purpose: they store carbon dioxide and keep this greenhouse gas from heating the planet.

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