New York Aquarium Staff Faced Devastating Storm Surge

November 9, 2012

During Hurricane Sandy, the ocean surged through the New York Aquarium’s 14 acres. Staff remained on-site throughout the super storm to care for the animals.

Hurricane Sandy pummeled New York City and surrounding communities. Among the institutions impacted was the New York Aquarium--a WCS facility that houses thousands of marine animals and connects local residents to the New York seascape.

Although the aquarium sustained severe damage, employees worked around the clock to protect precious marine life. Mitik, the walrus calf that recently found safe harbor at the aquarium, is one of many animals to emerge from the storm. 

As the storm hit, many threats emerged: flooding and loss of electricity and life support systems for exhibits. Jon Forrest Dohlin, Director of the New York Aquarium, remained at the facility with 17 other colleagues to protect the animals.

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