Photo Winner: The Rare Oncilla

November 29, 2012

A WCS camera trap snapped a photo of the rarely seen oncilla, and the BBC has recognized the photo via its annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.

A cat glides through Bolivia’s Madidi National Park. At first glance, it looks like a house cat, but closer inspection reveals the spotted markings of a wild predator.

The oncilla is the smallest feline roaming South America’s lowlands, and it’s incredibly elusive: little is known about its history and habits. In fact, this camera trap photo provides the first known record of an oncilla in Madidi National Park—a reserve known for its incredible biodiversity.

Having obtained the snapshot while surveying jaguars, WCS conservationists submitted it to the BBC’s annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition and won an award in the New Discoveries category. The photo, which beat out more than 1,000 competitors, is featured in the December issue of BBC Wildlife and online.

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Learn more about the photo in our press release>>

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