Wyoming’s Safe Passages Protect People and Pronghorn

October 15, 2012

WCS celebrates newly minted highway crossing structures that help keep Wyoming’s roads safe for drivers and ensure a healthy future for migrating pronghorn and other wildlife.

Like patient pedestrians, pronghorns waited for a break in traffic along US Highway 191. Crossing was perilous, not merely for them, but also for drivers making their way along the Wyoming interstate.

Thanks to newly constructed over and underpasses, transportation is now much safer for Wyoming motorists and migrating pronghorn that number in the thousands as they journey between winter and summer homes.

Using years of data gathered by WCS that identified pronghorn’s preferred crossing points, the Wyoming Department of Transportation erected eight safe passages along a 13-mile stretch of highway. Barrier fencing channels pronghorn, mule deer, moose, and elk to safe crossing points.

Speaking about the successful use of these structures, WCS conservation scientist Dr. Joel Berger said, “The importance of these overpasses and their use by pronghorn cannot be overstated. They eliminate the danger of collisions and will help to preserve a spectacular element of our natural heritage—the longest mammal migration in the 48 contiguous United States. This is an accomplishment that all Americans can celebrate.”

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