Want green cities? Lose the cars

April 22, 2014

Eric Sanderson, WCS Senior Conservation Ecologist, believes that in order to make cities greener, we need to stop using cars. This change would improve our planet and positively impact individuals.

If you really want to strike a blow for the environment during Earth Day on Tuesday, do yourself and everybody else a favor and stop driving your car in town. Really -- who needs it?

This is not a message for you if you're a farmer or live in a rural area, where it's 20 miles to the grocery store and 100 miles to the nearest hospital. You can keep your car; it's a safety thing.

But for the rest of you -- those of you living, working and going to school in America's cities and big towns-- it's time to work toward something better. This year's Earth Day theme is green cities, and green cities should have no cars.

Read the full article by Eric Sanderson on CNN >>
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