Studying muskoxen off of Siberia

April 10, 2014

Yearling and adult muskoxen staring back at Dr. Joel Berger on Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic.

Dr. Joel Berger, Senior Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s North America Program and John J. Craighead Chair in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana, is on a seven-plus week expedition to Wrangel Island. Located off the coast of northereastern Siberia, Berger and his Russian colleagues are braving wind-chills down to –70°F.

What could be worth enduring these extreme polar temperatures? A chance to study the Arctic's largest land mammal - the muskoxen. Traveling by foot, helicopter, and snow-machine, the scientists are gathering information on the impacts of climate change on these massive animals. The study is not only scientifically important, but is a landmark cultural exchange involving a complex array of collaborators.

You can follow Dr. Joel Berger's tweets @drjoelberger and read his first blog here >>

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