Good News for the Good Guys

May 12, 2014

Aceh provincial police took big steps for elephants, when they arrested two suspects in possession of ivory, elephant teeth and elephant bone early in May.

Earlier this month, Aceh Provincial Police arrested two wildlife traders who were caught selling ivory, elephant bones, live orangutans, a live tiger cub, and other wildlife. With support from WCS's Wildlife Crimes Unit, the suspects were arrested in the town of Muelabo and included the owner of a well-known shop dealing in illegal wildlife and the trader who supplied him.

Authorities believe the wildlife came from a group of hunters operating in the regencies of West Aceh and Nagan Raya. With concern about elephant poaching in this area growing, this arrest shows that law enforcement is working in Indonesia.

WCS Executive Director for Asia Programs, Joe Walston, said: “The Wildlife Crimes Unit, in collaboration with the Indonesian authorities, has a remarkably impressive track record of arrests and prosecutions for violators of wildlife crimes. They clearly demonstrate that through a combination of commitment and intelligence Indonesia can win the war against wildlife crime, which is robbing Indonesians of their natural heritage.”

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