Record Poacher Arrest in China

December 16, 2013

Five poachers who admitted to killing more than 20 animals have been arrested in China’s Jilin Province, making it the largest-ever wildlife crime arrest for the area. Here, a forestry official examines the evidence.

Authorities in China’s Jilin Province are cracking down on wildlife crime. The recent arrest of five poachers is a milestone, as the largest poaching enforcement action in the province’s history. WCS congratulates the Forestry Police of the Hunchun Municipal Forestry Bureau (HMFB) for their work, which also included confiscating two jeeps and 18 hunting dogs.

According to HMFB, the poachers admitted to killing more than 20 animals including wild boar and roe deer. With the help of WCS, HMFB has been conducting high-tech patrols and snare removal campaigns, and is using camera traps to protect wildlife from poachers.

The arrests are an important milestone in using a software application known as SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) to enforce wildlife laws and stop illegal activities like poaching. SMART was first adopted outside of Hunchun National Nature Reserve (HNR) and is also helping rangers monitor the Wangqing and Changbaishan Nature reserves. Hopefully as these practices grow, conservation of animals, like Amur tigers and Amur leopards, will be able to push back against poachers.

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