Avoiding Extinction on the Goldilocks Planet

August 4, 2014

In a new blog for Huffington Post, WCS Director of Conservation Support David Wilkie suggests that current rates of fossil fuel consumption could both contribute to - and severely limit the Earth’s ability to recover from - a sixth mass extinction event.

In a recent New York Times article, scientists argued that certain species might have the genetic makeup sufficient to survive the environmental and climate changes associated with the burning of fossil fuels by human society.

Though likely true this seems to miss the whole point of why people should be concerned about the environmental impacts of our prior and continued use of oil, coal and gas to fuel our economies. Our goldilocks planet -- which orbits the sun in a sweet spot for carbon-based, water-dependent life (not too hot, not too cold) -- has already experienced five prior mass extinctions.

Read the full article by David Wilkie on the Huffington Post >>
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