Antiques Roadshow to Stop Featuring Ivory Tusks

June 4, 2014

In addition to that decision, WCS is also pleased to learn that the PBS show, which is produced by WGBH Boston, has removed past appraisals from the series archive.

WCS is pleased to learn that PBS’s “Antiques Roadshow” will no longer feature carved ivory tusks on air. In addition, the show has removed past appraisals from the series archive.

Said John Calvelli, WCS Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Director of WCS’s 96 Elephants Campaign: “On behalf of WCS and all of the 96 Elephants campaign partners, we commend ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on their decision to cease appraisals of ivory tusks. It is vital to the survival of this iconic species that we limit the demand of ivory products. These policies are an important step in assuring these items are not glorified on-air and the assumed monetary value is not a factor. We look forward to working with ‘Antiques Roadshow’ in the coming months.”

The decision comes as Africa’s elephants struggle for survival due to ivory poaching. Scientists estimate elephant numbers have plummeted by 76 percent, due largely to the demand for elephant ivory. Poachers slaughtered an estimated 35,000 elephants in 2012 alone.

“Antiques Roadshow,” produced by WGBH Boston, has worked closely with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to stay up to date on this issue, and now has an open dialogue with WCS.

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