Calvin Klein Obsession (Not Just) For Men

November 13, 2013

Recent camera trap footage from WCS and Panthera reveals humans aren’t the only ones who like Calvin Klein cologne – rare African golden cats do as well.

African golden cats are elusive, but scientists have discovered a way to entice them – Calvin Klein Obsession For Men. That’s right; researchers baited camera traps with the popular cologne, then captured images of the animals investigating the scent in their natural habitat. It’s become a frequently used technique in cat conservation, a time-tested means to attract felines (among other wildlife) to remote cameras.

African golden cats are found in the rainforests of Western, Eastern, and Central Africa and as it turns out, do not strictly prowl their turf at night. Rather, the latest study revealed that these felines are “cathemeral,” or active during the day and night.

Deforestation and overhunting are impacting the golden cats’ habitat. The ongoing study of the poorly known species will help scientists better support conservation efforts.

The camera traps recorded the cats scent-marking the area. Watch the video on Scientific American >>
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