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Fatal Poaching Incident in Thailand

September 24, 2013

After a gunfight with poachers on September 13th, two wildlife rangers were killed and two others seriously injured in their efforts to protect the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary.

More Than Hope for Tigers

January 10, 2013

After revealing that tigers are roaring back in three landscapes where WCS works, our CEO penned a blog for the Huffington Post relaying his recent trip to India. While there, Dr. Samper observed a wild tigress--whose presence reflects a significant increase in tiger numbers in South India. 

Tigers Roar Back

December 24, 2012

Despite dangerously low global numbers, tigers are rebounding in three significant landscapes where WCS operates. Success in India, Thailand, and Russia fosters hope for these iconic big cats.

Jail Time for Thailand’s “Cell Phone” Tiger Poachers

March 7, 2012

The sentencing of two tiger poachers marks a major turning point in Asia’s war against wildlife crime. WCS helped apprehend the pair last summer after authorities discovered a cell phone with images of a dead tiger.

Rare Footage from a Thai Forest

December 16, 2011

Video camera traps in Thailand’s Western Forest Complex show amazing scenes of tigers, elephants, clouded leopards and other rare wildlife prowling about, alive and well. The footage offers a hopeful sign for conservationists, whose efforts to save the region’s wildlife are clearly paying off.

Hunt for the Tiger Slayers

October 13, 2011

WCS conservationists have found that the same gangs that smuggle weapons and drugs are poaching the last remaining tigers to the edge of existence. But as organized crime steps up its game in wildlife trade, WCS is fighting back, working to monitor wildlife and train more park rangers.

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Tiger Poacher, Via Phone, is Witness for His Own Prosecution

July 15, 2011

Park rangers from Thailand’s Western Forest Complex apprehend a group of poachers suspected to have killed as many as 10 tigers in the region. The poachers were involved in an organized crime ring that WCS and other partners have been tracking for the past year.

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