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Directions to Karukinka

April 20, 2012

WCS President and CEO Dr. Steven E. Sanderson recounts his recent expedition to one of the greatest wild places left on Earth: Karukinka, Chile. The trip was part of an effort to preserve this landscape and make it sustainable for generations to come.

Karukinka Makes Way for Hikers

April 5, 2012

WCS and the Government of Chile collaborate on a new trekking trail on the island of Tierra del Fuego. The trail is intended to attract ecotourists to the Karukinka reserve, a national treasure largely untouched by the human footprint.

Expedition to Tierra del Fuego’s Admiralty Sound

February 29, 2012

WCS conservationists Alejandro Vila, Marcela Uhart and Daniela Droguett chronicle their latest journey to the remote lands and seascape at the tip of South America.

Elephant Seal Tracked by WCS Travels 18,000 Miles

December 9, 2011

WCS track the epic journey of “Jackson,” a young male elephant seal. Elephant seals are potential indicators of marine ecosystem health and may show how climate change influences the distribution of prey species in Patagonia’s oceans.

Chile Reels in Salmon Farming

August 24, 2011

WCS applauds Chile’s efforts to protect Patagonia’s waters from the salmon industry. But there are many other fish farms in its seas.

Expedition Uncovers Wildlife Wonders at Tierra del Fuego

February 25, 2011

WCS partners with local groups to protect elephant seals, albatrosses, penguins, and other marine wildlife in Admiralty Sound, on an expedition to help safeguard this coastal region.

New Atlas of the Patagonian Sea

June 2, 2010

The ambitious atlas, compiled from data gathered over a decade, shows how albatrosses, penguins, elephant seals, and other marine animals use a critical region of the South Atlantic Ocean.

WCS Salutes Wildlife Without Borders Program

June 22, 2009

The Wildlife Without Borders–Latin America and the Caribbean Program has supported conservation projects since 1990, including work by WCS in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

New Hope for Forests

May 21, 2009

WCS applauds the inclusion of forestry provisions in the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which paves the way to comprehensive climate change policy.

New Gadgets for Guanacos

June 19, 2008

Eight guanacos in Chile’s Karukinka Reserve are wearing radio-collars as part of a study to preserve a critical population of these animals, known for their spectacular migration.

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