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Alberta’s Heritage of Wildlife & Headwaters Up for Grabs

December 27, 2013

John Weaver, Senior Conservation Scientist with WCS-Canada, warns that the Alberta government’s draft Regional Plan for the South Saskatchewan, which would establish new Wildland Parks in about a quarter of the area, will be inadequate to conserving its vulnerable fish and wildlife populations and sources of precious water that are cherished by southern Albertans.

Reindeer Are Fading into Holiday Myth

December 25, 2011

Executive director of WCS-Canada Justina Ray discusses how changes to the landscape and climate of the far north affect its iconic caribou herds, and what we can do to safeguard these beloved Yuletide symbols.

Rudolph’s Real-World Troubles

December 15, 2011

WCS and Canada’s Earth Rangers join forces to protect woodland caribou. WCS conducts scientific research on caribou, which are threatened by development of their home in the far north.

Mapping Montana for Climate Change

June 23, 2011

A WCS conservationist maps out a climate change survival plan for species living within Montana’s Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

The Eagles Have Landed

February 15, 2011

Two injured bald eagles find a new home at the WCS Bronx Zoo. These young birds from Wyoming add to the growing ranks of this once-endangered species now making a comeback in New York.

Conservation Victory in Canada

February 16, 2010

British Columbia announces a ban on mining, oil and gas in a portion of the trans-boundary Flathead River basin. An assessment by WCS documented the landscape’s importance for trans-boundary wildlife.

Dr. John Weaver Wins Conservation Award

January 6, 2010

The WCS conservation biologist won the Wilburforce Foundation’s Conservation Leadership Award for his efforts to expand Nahanni National Park, a World Heritage Site.

Nahanni Grows Up

June 11, 2009

A massive expansion of Nahanni National Park makes it three-and-a-half times larger than Yellowstone. Field research by WCS-Canada was key to the park’s new boundaries.

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