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Bolivia: Land of Giant Anteaters and Fairy Armadillos

July 23, 2013

A newly published WCS database shows the range of 116 species of Bolivian mammals, from the obscure “Count Branickii’s terrible mouse” to the mighty jaguar. The database will help shape future conservation decisions for some of South America’s most threatened and charismatic wildlife.

Paradise Found for Latin America’s Largest Terrestrial Mammal

January 22, 2013

WCS conservationists have scoured the Peru-Bolivia border for signs of lowland tapirs—large herbivores that possess distinctive markings and snouts. After 12 years of research, they’re able to report that these animals are thriving within five national parks.

Bolivia’s Jaguars Set a Record

October 19, 2011

In a recent study conducted in Bolivia’s Madidi National Park, WCS researchers have identified a record number of jaguars through a digital camera trap survey.

WCS-Bolivia Partner Receives Prestigious Equator Prize

September 30, 2010

The Tsimané Mosetene Regional Council, WCS’s local partner in the montane rainforests of Bolivia, received the award at a ceremony held on September 20 in New York, honoring its efforts to reduce poverty through sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

Calvin Klein's Obsession for Cats

June 8, 2010

WCS conservationists in Guatemala are using a swanky scent to lure jaguars and other endangered wildlife toward motion-sensitive cameras that snap photos of the animals as they pass by. The photos help researchers estimate population numbers for these shy species.

New Hope for Forests

May 21, 2009

WCS applauds the inclusion of forestry provisions in the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which paves the way to comprehensive climate change policy.

The People’s Conservationists

May 29, 2007

Four conservationists working on WCS-supported projects in South America’s last wild places have earned Whitley awards for their efforts to find win-win solutions for people and wildlife.

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