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Slideshow: A Historic Journey for Bison, 100 Years Later

November 25, 2013

This Thanksgiving marked the 100-year-anniversary of one of the greatest milestones in the modern conservation movement: the transfer of 14 bison from the Bronx Zoo to Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota.

Three Strikes You're out in the Old... Great... Plains!

August 2, 2013

Steve Zack, WCS's Coordinator of Bird Conservation, explains the ways in which oil and gas fracking efforts may reshape the American prairie, and the consequences for grassland birds and bison.

Celebrating the Historic Ties of Native Americans to the Bison

March 1, 2013

More than 30 million bison roamed the United States at its founding, but the largest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere nearly went extinct as Americans expanded to the west. Writing for National Geographic NewsWatch, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, John Calvelli, discusses the ways in which Native American tribes (and WCS) have helped restore bison populations. 

Ted Roosevelt V Supports National Mammal Legislation

September 5, 2012

Ted Roosevelt V, the great-great-grandson of our country's 26th President, has voiced his support for the bison as the country's national mammal. Writing for USA Today, Roosevelt recounts the mammal's storied history and explains the importance of the National Bison Legacy Act. 

The Bison: A National Symbol For All Americans

August 8, 2012

In his first blog celebrating bison, WCS Executive Vice President for Public Affairs John Calvelli discusses ongoing efforts to protect this iconic species. WCS has been protecting buffalo since the turn of the 20th century and is currently working with conservationists, sportsmen, Native American tribes, and lawmakers to advance the National Bison Legacy Act.

The Buffalo has Earned Recognition as our National Mammal

August 3, 2012

WCS has been leading bison conservation efforts since 1905, when William Hornaday co-founded the American Bison Society with Theodore Roosevelt. In addition to supporting bison and the landscapes they roam, WCS has joined efforts to craft the National Bison Legacy Act--Congressional legislation that would designate bison as our country's national mammal. 

Senators Seek to Name Bison 'National Mammal'

May 25, 2012

In concert with the introduction of the National Bison Legacy Act in the U.S. Senate, WCS and its partners have launched a campaign to make the American bison our national mammal.

Bringing Bison Back

March 3, 2010

A new publication by IUCN, written with WCS collaboration, reports on the current status of wild American bison, and makes recommendations on how to ensure the species is conserved for the future.

Survey Says: Let Bison Roam

November 18, 2008

A national survey says that the American public respect and love bison, but most are unaware that the animals are in trouble. The survey is part of an effort to spark public support for ecological restoration of the species.

Bright Future for Bison

May 2, 2008

It will likely take a century, but conservationists believe they can restore the American bison to a surprising amount of its former range. Particularly important are the grassland ecosystems, both public and private, that might benefit from bison grazing, and local communities that might benefit from having herds flourish nearby.

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