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Penguin Chicks Face Increasing Risks

February 3, 2014

The life of a young Magellanic penguin has never been easy. Now, a new study shows that the vulnerable chicks face additional threats to their survival from climate change.

Argentina’s Open-Ocean Reserve

August 2, 2013

Argentina has created its first open-ocean protected area, Burdwood Bank. This sanctuary in the Patagonian Sea will protect whales, penguins, and rare cold corals. WCS commends Argentina’s government on the achievement, and thanks local partners of the Forum of NGOs.

Patagonia’s Coastal Haven

March 15, 2013

A pair of courting cormorants soak up the sun in a newly minted marine protected area in Argentina. These seabirds share the Isla Pingüino Coastal Marine Park with sea lions, penguins, and dolphins.

Cashmere's Conscience: Wildlife Friendly Practices in Patagonia

August 28, 2012

Patagonian cashmere has gone “green” with a new certification by the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. The business venture supports the local economy while respecting this magnificent yet fragile landscape.

Deep Dive

July 31, 2012

Fitted with a tiny camera on its back, an imperial cormorant dove to the ocean floor to pursue a meal. Although conservationists know these seabirds seek underwater snacks, they never anticipated the depths of their fishing feats, as captured in this video. The WCS team that worked with the National Research Council of Argentina to track the “super-bird” has studied cormorant feeding behavior in the Patagonian Sea for the past decade.

Fashion Goes Green in Patagonia

March 1, 2012

WCS helps a group of Argentine cashmere producers adopt sustainable husbandry practices that improve their livelihoods while also protecting the guanacos, rheas, and Andean cats that share their turf.

Getting the Lead Out

August 31, 2011

Sante Fe is the first province in Argentina to take steps toward cutting allowable amounts of lead ammunition used for hunting. WCS commends the effort and hopes others will follow their lead against lead pollution.

Raising Caiman

May 13, 2011

WCS researchers in Argentina help keep populations of wild caiman healthy by checking their farm-raised counterparts for Salmonella infections and other diseases.

The Mystery of the Naked Penguins

April 7, 2011

Featherless penguin chicks have been popping up on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the last few years. WCS researchers and their partners are unraveling the clues to this strange disorder.

Andean Cats Stray from the Andes

March 16, 2011

A WCS survey finds an endangered Andean cat population living lower than ever, down from the Andes Mountains and onto the Patagonian Steppe.


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