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Path of the Pronghorn: Leading to Passages

December 11, 2013

Scientists from WCS have worked for over a decade to protect pronghorn migrating along a 100-mile long path to and from Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. Jeff Burrell, WCS Northern Rockies Program Coordinator, knows that if this corridor is severed, pronghorn will be lost from the park.

Rise in Roadkill Requires New Solutions

May 16, 2013

The U.S. highway system includes more than 4 million miles of road. Roads crisscross even the most remote parts of the country, fragmenting habitat and causing regular encounters between motorists and wildlife.

For Juvenile Moose, Momma’s Boys and Girls Fare Best

August 24, 2012

Size often matters in the animal kingdom, with larger animals faring better than their compact counterparts. But a recent WCS study suggests that for a juvenile moose, mother’s presence—not body mass—is key to survival.

The Buffalo has Earned Recognition as our National Mammal

August 3, 2012

WCS has been leading bison conservation efforts since 1905, when William Hornaday co-founded the American Bison Society with Theodore Roosevelt. In addition to supporting bison and the landscapes they roam, WCS has joined efforts to craft the National Bison Legacy Act--Congressional legislation that would designate bison as our country's national mammal. 

Senators Seek to Name Bison 'National Mammal'

May 25, 2012

In concert with the introduction of the National Bison Legacy Act in the U.S. Senate, WCS and its partners have launched a campaign to make the American bison our national mammal.

As Natural Gas Fields Grow, Pronghorn Habitat Shrinks

May 3, 2012

A five-year behavioral study shows that pronghorn in Wyoming are losing their wintering grounds to large-scale industrialization.

For Many Species, Moving Day Has Added Stress

December 19, 2011

From mighty caribou to tiny hummingbirds, by air and by land, many of the great American wildlife migrations are at risk.

Path of the Pronghorn Leading to New Passages

November 2, 2011

As pronghorn set out on their long fall journey, new protections are underway to help them reach their destination. WCS conservationists Renee Seidler and Jon Beckmann describe the impressive migration, its formidable obstructions, and a few new ways around them.

Mapping Montana for Climate Change

June 23, 2011

A WCS conservationist maps out a climate change survival plan for species living within Montana’s Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

The Eagles Have Landed

February 15, 2011

Two injured bald eagles find a new home at the WCS Bronx Zoo. These young birds from Wyoming add to the growing ranks of this once-endangered species now making a comeback in New York.


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