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Filtered : Logging Concession in Congo

Chimp Haven Gets an Upgrade

February 16, 2012

The Republic of Congo formally expands Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park to help protect a rare population of chimps, known for both their skillful tool use and greenness to people.

Treehuggers of the Congo

May 6, 2010

WCS conducts the first landscape-wide survey of how land-use affects chimpanzees, gorillas, and forest elephants.

Motherlode of Gorillas Discovered in Central Africa

August 5, 2008

A new census finds a massive gorilla population previously unknown to scientists. WCS and the Government of Congo have tallied more than 125,000 western gorillas in the northern Republic of Congo. This is great news for the critically endangered western lowland gorilla, which had been believed to number only 50,000 in total.

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