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One Fish, Two Fish, Big Fish, Better Fish

May 13, 2010

A 12-year study off the coast of Kenya deconstructs old notions of how fishery closures affect local economies. Hint: They help them.

Snails Save the Day

April 28, 2010

African giant snails are giving local villagers big options when it comes to food and livelihoods, and gorilla poaching is not one of them.

Spare the Fish, Save the Reefs

June 18, 2009

A new study says that banning certain types of fishing gear can help save coral reefs from the damaging effects of climate change, by protecting key fish populations that help stressed reefs recover.

An Uncommon Partnership

July 31, 2008

For the world’s poor who live outside the borders of cities and towns, help is often scarce. A new WCS-led study identifies some 16 million impoverished people who make their homes in remote corners of the globe, out of reach of major development assistance programs.

Clothing with a Conscience

January 7, 2008

“Conservation cotton” from Africa is making its way onto the backs of U2 fans across the world, thanks to a partnership between Hard Rock International, T-shirt company edun LIVE, and WCS.

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