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Filtered : Kubulau Seascape, Fiji

Virtual Dive in Fiji

August 2, 2013

Namena Reserve is Fiji’s largest marine protected area, located on the southern coast of Vanua Levu Island. Fishing is banned here, and the reserve is home to abundant populations of sharks and rays, octopi, seahorses, and schooling fish—all on view in this underwater tour of its stunning coral reefs.

Marine Reserve Swarming With Sharks

July 16, 2013

Marine researchers find that many more sharks swim in a Fijian marine reserve in which fishing is prohibited compared to adjacent areas that permit fishing.

In Fiji, a Fishing Fundraiser Takes a Toll

March 23, 2012

When local fishers in Kia Island opened a protected coral reef to fishing for a short-term community fundraising effort, the effects of the harvest bore long-term consequences for the reef's health.

Tackling Climate Change in Fiji

September 13, 2011

Scientists, conservation practitioners, decision and policymakers meet in Suva, Fiji to address environmental challenges brought on by climate change.

A Map for Reef Relief

August 12, 2011

WCS marine scientists provide a color code for coral conservation by mapping out the stress loads of the world's reefs.

Journey to a Sacred Reef

June 6, 2011

Follow along on the adventures of WCS marine conservationist Stacy Jupiter, Fiji Country Program Director, as she explores the sacred reefs of Totoya Island in the company of the island's high chief and various conservation partners. The expedition aims to revitalize cultural practices that have safeguarded this stunning Fijian seascape over many decades.

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